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Fall Outfits for Family Photos

Updated: Jan 1

Honestly, making these style boards is just fun for me. So hopefully it is also helps you guys come up with ideas when shopping for your photos! By the way, everything I use in the style boards is either currently in stock at the stores I list (Fall 2021), or it's from my client closet. That should also make it easier to shop too, in case you want some of the exact items you see for your own family!

But to the point- here's the first one for this round of fall family outfit ideas!

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Women's dress & hat- vici collection & client closet. Men's shirt- Target. Baby romper- H&M. Baby Overalls- H&M. Boy's shirts- Gap. Boy's jeans- Gap. Girl's shoes- Target. Girl's charcoal dress- Zara. Girl's polka dot dress- Zara. Baby green overalls & tops for under it- H&M.

This board is an example of adding in multiple patterns + more colors. One big thing to remember with patterns is to avoid repeating them. For instance, avoid putting two different plaid shirts in the mix. If you already have a plaid or checkered shirt or dress, then another pattern could be a floral or dots.

If you like bolder colors that are 100% October, here's a style board for you! I used to actually suggest people avoid black for photos, but I've changed my mind on that. If it's done right, with a mix of lighter colors to contrast + make it pop, it can look really nice!

Womens dress- Client closet * Lime Lush boutique. Mens shirt- Target. Mens pants- Old Navy. Girls sweater and leggings- H&M. Baby girl romper- H&M. Toddler dress- Amazon & client closet. Baby boy onesie- Target & pants H&M. Boys shirts and pants- Gap.

And for this post I'm only including three style boards, so this one below is the last one for the day. I notice a LOT of my clients tend to like blues and greens... So here is a mix of fall tones with some blues and greens to lighten it up!

The women's dress in this style board is also one in my client closet (like the other boards above).

Womens dress- Baltic born (client closet). Men's shirt & pants- Old Navy. Baby boy sweater and pants- H&M. Baby girl Romper- amazon. Toddler girl dress- Amazon. Boys sweater & pants- H&M.

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