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Photographer Gift Guide: What to get for the photography lover!

I've never done a gift guide before, but you guys message me about my other blog posts all the time, so why not?! Share this post with the people in your life that will have a person on their list that loves photography, whether it's their hobby or their job! We'll start fancy, but the gifts get lower in price range too.

photography gifts
gifts for photographers

The basics, but the necessities:

Canon R6 Mark II

This camera is incredible. I think the Mark IV 5D is just as good, personally, and would also suggest it as a great gift. But mirrorless (the R6) is all the rage, and it's likely preferably and the shift all photographers will be making.. if they haven't already.

35 MM 1.4 Lens

For gorgeous photos (for the Canon shooter)! Seriously, this lens is my go-to and has been for years. I've tried so many great professional lenses.. nothing beats the versatility of this one. It's great for a hobby photographer or a professional.

Great fast/high storage memory cards

A great camera and a great lens will only get someone so far if they have bad memory cards. Your photographer friend needs memory cards that record quickly & that don't fill up before they're done with what they need to do! Look at the specs on this card and stick with this or higher! This may not sound like a fun or flashy gift, but it's so often overlooked and holds people back without them even realizing how important it really is.

and of course they will also need a place to store all of your cards.

The extras, but so helpful:

This camera strap!

A good camera strap is important! Your friend doesn't want to risk a cheap one that breaks and their camera falls. They also don't want one that's too short, too uncomfortable, etc etc. This one is great! It also has pockets. I like to keep an extra battery and SD cards in the pockets! Quick and easy access, and the pockets zip so I can be sure they don't get lost. It's very comfortable and hasn't even considered breaking after years of heavy use.

Kid's Attention-getter

This little monkey does the trick with getting the attention of little eyes! Your photographer friend will thank you after seeing this thing in action... They just need to tell the kids in front of their camera to smile for the monkey, and for some reason that sounds way better than smiling for just adults! It fits safely around the lens. Kids love it!

Seriously, get the kids to look!

Okay I learned this very recently from another talented photographer... you slide the bottom of the Pez dispenser into the thing on top of your camera that holds your flash (the foot?). This is only possible in natural light situations because that will be open. But you tell the kids to smile for the character and look at it, and when they do, they get a CANDY. Seriously, is that not genius? I was blown away by how smart that idea was!

A great camera bag!

This bag has been great for me for three years now. It keeps all of my accessories and lenses safe and in place, and it has extra storage for a laptop and charges etc. in the back of the back! Photographers need a better bag than the standard one that comes with their camera kit.

These lens covers!

Some photographer's (like me) easily lose those tiny lens caps that come with their cameras. These covers solve that problem! They slide easily on the lens, and keep it protected. And they're too big to easily misplace and lose. It's a win/win!

Light reflectors!

Doesn't hurt to have a handy-dandy reflector. These are great on to the go when your photography friend is working with lighting that isn't ideal. You just reflect the harsh light off of your subject and good light back on to them. They take a tiny bit of practice to figure out, but they're super helpful once you get the hang of it.

A perfect little prop blanket!

A great gift for someone who plans to photograph kids- whether it;s a hobby mom or a for a business. I've used this blanket for years and it's beautiful in photographs! Perfect for putting babies or kids on in the grass.

For Professionals: A pop-up tent so clients can change clothes!

I love this tent. Client's sometimes want to bring multiple outfits or change after being outside for a session, and this tent is easy to offer. It's a super practical thing that people don't even realize they need. It's easy to bring to photos, easy to set up, and easy to take down. Your photography business pal will thank you!

Basically, the above are all ideas to put together a great kit as a present for the photographer in your life!

Now let's move on to some more really awesome present ideas...

Editing-- using these programs is a MUST!!!

Lightroom & PS. Using these is just a given! It's a learning process to figure out how to use both programs, but it's just essential for editing. Buy your friend or family member a 1-3 month membership gift card or something similar!

Buy them a membership to an online gallery to display and share their photos in a safe place, or to build a website!

I recommend Pixieset for this. This is more of an essential for a business 'tog and not a hobby-ist.

Give them a couple hours of time to shoot in a beautiful studio!

Find a local natural light studio (if you're in BCS TX, the answer to this is Bravely Studio! If you're anywhere else, contact a local studio and see if you can buy a gift card with credit hours to use during 2024!

And last but certainly not least, get them a photography mentorship!

I offer mentorships for photography skills and for building a successful photography business! I would LOVE for you to gift this to your loved one. Message me for more details on this!

Okay guys- that's a wrap on photographer friend/family gift ideas! Any photographers have any other great suggestions? Let us know in the comments & people can check those out too!

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