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The Best Spots to Take Senior Photos in College Station

Need a few tips on where to plan your senior photos in College Station, TX? Here is a good place to start!

For a while, I placed my focus in photography on just family sessions and weddings. But overtime, as I've tried more styles out, I am 1000000% certain that Senior Photography will be one of my MAIN things I offer. Because College Station might just be the best place ever to get to be a photographer for Seniors! Along with a lot of awesome high schools, literally one of THE coolest colleges in right in the middle of the city. Everybody loves Aggieland!

So, what are a few cool spots for Seniors? Whether a high school senior- planning to go to a school outside of College Station, or a graduating Aggie, the Gardens at A&M are a great place to start.

And of course, you just can't go wrong with a pretty field and a sunset. Seniors often get photos done in the spring, and there is NOTHING like Texas field full of wildflowers!

And definitely don't hesitate to focus part of your session on something that's important to you- what sport have you played the last four years? What team were you a part of or what club? Include that stuff in some way, big or small. For sure!

As for Texas A&M Senior photos, campus has a lot of great spots that you'll love to have in your pictures!

We can take some Senior photos at Kyle Field!

Because we know how Aggies feel about their FOOTBALL!

The Administration building is such a perfect spot for cap & gown photos!

And I'm sure you've seen some senior photos in the fountain on A&M campus! It's located right by the big ring, which is another awesome spot for senior photos!

College Station Senior photographer

So there you have just a few ideas on planning your own senior session!

As a photographer, part of my job that I LOVE is helping clients come up with ideas and personalizing their sessions to really get a gallery full of photos that will always bring them back to their time in college when they look back.

Book with me for your own senior photos today! I'd love to be your photographer!

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