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Valentine's Day Outfits!

It's 2021, guys. We made it out of 2020! And to keep our focus on some fun stuff coming up, here are some cute ideas for Valentine's day photos! After all, I'll be offering Valentine's Day mini sessions right here in College Station at the end of January!

All of these outfit choices can be found on Amazon & Baltic Born! And if that isn't easy enough to find with a quick search, some of the options are already in my client closet . I'll list which ones below!

These are mostly the basics- you of course need to accessorize and add some personal touches to complete your outfits! I just love to give you guys a little inspiration!

All of these ideas are great starting points for styling your family- all of it would photograph so well and it's all Valentine's day-ish without being TOO Valentine's day-ish. Does that make sense? I love outfits for photos that don't feel way too seasonal. I think it's better to aim for timeless!

So out of what you see above, I have the following options in my client closet:

The little light khaki overalls for boys- size 12 months

The blush tutu dress for toddler girls- size 3T-4T

The shimmer rust gold straight line toddler dress- Size 3T-4T

The gold shimmer skirt- Size 4T

The blush pink and burgundy red tops- Size 3T-4T

And not shown in the style board above but still perfect for Valentine's Day minis- This blush/beige dress in sizes 2T and 3T

And one extra awesome thing you may not have known about- I have a client closet wishlist. And all of the women's dresses on this style board are actually on my wish list!

You know what the means? If a client buys a wishlist dress, I will buy it back from them for 40% of what the client paid.

Ever look for outfits for special occasions, like photos, and worry you might wear the dress only once and it's just not feasible to pay THAT much... It's much easier to make the choice to just wear the dress knowing you're actually getting 40% back after you get to look beautiful wearing it! Yay! Win/Win!

I hope this helps some! Can't wait to see you guys at Valentine's day minis on the 30th!


College Station Texas Photographer

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