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What to Wear for Family Photos

Updated: May 21, 2020

Outfits for family photos
Fall family outfits

Fall is a really popular time for family photos! It's even starting to feel a little bit like fall here in College Station, Texas. Crazy! A lot of families have their sessions booked, but now it's time to figure out what to wear. Here are some tips for planning your family photos outfits to help you guys look your best!

Tip One: Start with one great outfit. Focus on one outfit at a time. Maybe find the perfect outfit for mom first. Moms- find a dress that you love and fits exactly the look you want to go for. I know that not everyone wants to wear a dress, although I HIGHLY recommend a dress... like, a flowy one; it just adds more pretty movement to your photos & helps you not feel or look too stiff.

Browse Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration! Look at other family photos and pay attention to the photos you are drawn to the most: what is that family wearing?

Also, you don't have to break the bank on great outfits. You'd be surprised what you can find at affordable costs on Amazon! Other great sources for great outfits: Lulus + Gap + Target + Dillards + TJ Maxx. Top choices: Zara (For kids) Baltic Born Piper & Scoot H&M (For kids) Altar'd State Free People

family photo outfits
Fall Family outfits

Tip Two: Pick a color scheme based off the first outfit. It can seem like, as long everyone looks nice in their own outfit, that's all that matters. But color coordinating outfits is actually really important!

If I chose outfits for photos thinking that I like to wear maroon, but my husband likes to wear black... and Everett has a nice dark blue shirt, while Lily has a new bright pink dress that she looks adorable in. All that may be true, but those colors in the photos are gonna be alllll over the place! All the variety and no cohesiveness will just be distracting, and it's not going to make the photos look as great as they could.

So be sure to pick a couple colors to work around for all outfits, and stick with those colors!! Also, be careful about too many patterns.

Also, if you specifically love a certain color tone to photos (like you love how neutrals look in photos-You just can't go wrong with neutral colors), be sure to keep this in mind when picking the first outfit. So technically, you could start with colors in mind first and pick the first from there. Whichever. But just remember that color coordinating is really, really important!

Family photo outfits
Fall Family Outfits

IMPORTANT! Do NOT dress anyone just alike!! Coordinate, don't match! I've been in one of those group photos where everyone wears white and khaki... just don't do it! You will love your pictures far more if each person is uniquely styled.

Tip Three: Shoes matter. This is a little bit more for the kids & the dads. I know it's easy and comfortable to throw on your favorite pair of tennis shoes or to just put your kids favorite shoes on them and be done with it. Like, my son Everett is ALLLL about his Crocs, and they are an easy go-to. But! Your shoes WILL be in the photos. And your favorite worn-out Nike tennis shoes (or, if you're like Everett... worn-out Crocs with Disney characters on them) just won't look very good in your photos and they will be distracting. You don't want anything that stands out in that way and takes away from your pictures!

Shoes are just a really easy thing to forget about or ignore when planning outfits, but try to remember that they're actually an important part too!

family photo outfits
Fall Family outfits, fall outfits

Tip Four: If you have little babies or little kids, don't get too hung up on forcing an outfit that may not work for them. If your kid is going to constantly take off their hat or is very unhappy in something that's just uncomfortable... that could make for an unnecessary stressful situation for you guys. You want to have fun at your session!!

family photo poses
fall family style

At the same time, DON'T be afraid to try something new!! Get the cute floral crown for your little girl, or try new kinds of outfits on your baby boy (suspenders? etc.) BUT just know it's always good to have back-up plans for things that may not work out the day of in the way you envisioned!

If things don't go as perfectly as planned, that's totally normal and okay. We will still be sure to get great photos of your sweet family!

If you want more ideas for your family outfits, check out my Shelbi Lauren Photography Pinterest board for Fall Family Outfits. I've put together a collection of great inspiration for entire family wardrobes- if you're totally at a loss, you could just pick a favorite and follow it (totally doesn't have to be followed to a T, it's just inspiration). I have that board just for you guys, to make your session easier to plan & hopefully help you be happier overall with how your family photos turn out.

And of course, don't hesitate to message me if you want some extra help!

Shelbi Lauren Photography | College Station TX photographer

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