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Shooting in Manual with SLP

Shooting in Manual with SLP


Knowing everything there is about shooting in manual is seriously a MUST if you want to be a photographer. And just knowing what the core components on manual are in general isn't enough- you need real life examples of what settings you should use in different situations, and you need to understand the WHY behind it all.


Here I provide a thorough 30-minute digital course audio & powerpoint that will walk you through shooting in manual- I share all of the details & knowledge from years of running a photography business. I share in-depth info on the camera settings I use to get the photographs that I do, and how and why I choose the settings that I do for ISO, aperature, and shutter.

  • Agreement

    This product cannot be shared with anyone that did not directly purchase it. It cannot be copied or resold. Content in product cannot be shared on social media. It is a digital product so there are not refunds or returns. Video format is MPEG-4. 

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