I'm Shelbi! I'm the girl behind the camera. I'm an enneagram nine. If you know anything about that, that should tell you I'm a super easy-going person, I love to make others feel truly seen and loved (which has a lot to do with my passion for photography), and I'm very much a dreamer that loves chasing big goals, coming up with detailed creative plans, and helping others do the same!



And when it comes to goals and my work... I love capturing genuine connection and love within sweet families, whether that's in-home with newborns or with glowing sunlight and dramatic cloudy skies, in beautiful Texas fields.


I could go on too long about how my love for photography really took root when I became a mother, because being a mom gave me an entirely new and deeper appreciation for even the simplest parts of my day to day. I found myself wanting to bottle up every detail of my babies and keep them at every age, forever and ever. Photography gave me a way to do that.


And I love that what started from a hobby based in love has become work that I can share with others. I love how photography gives me the opportunity to be part of capturing all of the special milestones and all of the love within other families, as well. 

He fills my life with good things. Psalms 103:5