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College Station Senior photographer


The perfect ending before a new beginning


Graduation, whether it be from high school or college, is such a special time in your life! It really is a BIG deal! It's been about seven years now since I graduated (woah- that sounds way longer than it feels) and I still look back at photos from my time in school and the photos are so important and sentimental to me! 

And I hope that you too will look back at the good times and the hard work you put in at school and that you feel the same way! And I hope you'll make the choice to celebrate by getting a photoshoot--one planned perfectly just for you!

Message me on instagram or facebook & we can talk about planning a senior session.


We can do a classic session, in a field or on campus.  But we can also incorporate places that were important to you during the last four years. We can creatively include the things that helped define your time in college or high school. Serious or silly! College Station has some beautiful scenery in hidden places, and it also has some fun and unique modern spots that work awesome. 

Message me today and let's plan a way to tell your graduation story! We can keep it simple, or totally be extra. All up to YOU!



Investment For TAMU Senior Photos

$450 + tax 

2-4 Campus locations, or 1-2 Campus locations + one other local location
Formal outfit, Casual outfit, + Game day outfit
25 Final Images 


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