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Newborn Clients


I looove the anticipation and excitement leading up to the big due date of a new baby! It's the time to plan all of the things (too many things, actually)... but that list should totally include newborn photography (and maternity)!

There are things that you regret investing money is-- like maybe that maternity pillow that you still can't get comfortable with, or that expensive baby swing that your sweet baby doesn't love nearly as much as being rocked by mom & dad..

But photographs that you will pass down to your children, and then on to your grandchildren? Those are, honestly, priceless. And while an Iphone does the job on any average day, there are some things that are worth celebrating big.

So message me and let's plan a newborn (and/or maternity) photoshoot that's just for your sweet family. Message me if you're hesitant, but you're considering it. Did you know I also offer payment plans? I do, and I do it so more people feel like that can get the family photos that they dream of having!

I'd love for you to book newborn photography with Shelbi Lauren Photography.


Maternity & newborn lifestyles sessions can be done in my studio (located in Downtown Bryan), outdoor, or in your home.


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