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Maybe I'm bias... but I think maternity photos are incredibly sweet and special, and I think everyone should get them done.

This is coming from someone who didn't get any for either of my pregnancies. And now all I have to show are almost zero photos of me carrying my babies, and regret for my silly reasons that those photos don't exist. I hadn't started this business yet, and I had 2 big reasons to not do them.

Cost was reason 1. But if I had spent the money years ago, I wouldn't miss it at all now... but I'd FOREVER have photos of me carrying my precious babies. Money isn't something to throw at just anything and I understand the importance of budgeting completely, but whether you book with me or anyone else.. remember you're getting photos to keep and pass down to your children for generations. And remember that goal when choosing your photographer, whomever that may be. 

And reason two.. I was very insecure. I didn't like how I looked, and what could possibly fit me and look nice? Maaaan. Why did I let momentary insecurity make a forever decision? If this is a fear of yours, I really hope you drop those feelings now. Actually, if you book photos, you'll likely get the photos back and realize just how silly those insecurities were in the first place. I can help you pick at outfit that will make you feel both comfortable and beautiful, easy. Drop those fears at the door and let's talk maternity photos!

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