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Shelbi Lauren Photography is based in College Station Texas | Serving all Surrounding areas | Senior Photographer | Family + Baby Milestone Photography

I've always been in love with a good memory captured perfectly in a still frame. Time passes quickly, and if you're the sentimental type-- like I am-- there is way too much that you don't want to miss or forget.


Why wouldn't you want beautiful photos that forever capture the way your babies little hands once fit in your own? Or photos that perfectly capture the way your husband looks when he laughs at your silly comments? WHY wouldn't you want to bottle up how your kids giggle and wiggle like wild when you tickle them, and keep those moments frozen in time forever, in whatever way possible.

"Photography is our autobiography. it's a way

of telling others

who we are."

"We have now done four photoshoots with Shelbi and I never want to do photos with anyone else. From the very beginning of the process of just talking about what we wanted, all the way to the end of delivering the product, she is amazing. She is super good with kids and being silly so that they feel comfortable during the photos. She even made my husband feel comfortable taking cutesy photos and that is a miracle! She goes above and beyond to make sure that you get quality photos that will last you forever. I cannot recommend her enough!!!"



Sessions start at $305

I know, the upfront cost of photography can sometimes make people hesitate.


BUT! You get this ONE beautiful life.. your baby is only in your belly once and then only sooooo little for a very short time, then your kids grow too quickly.. and things like graduation and getting engaged- those things are always a big deal that should be celebrated BIG!


There are so many parts of our lives, the big and the small, that are so special.


And the photos you take of all of these special things- they will hang on the wall of your home for years, and they will even be passed down generations.


THAT is something worth investing in. It's worth investing in having it done by someone who is excited to go above and beyond to capture your photos just the way you imagined!

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