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SLP is looking for model families


Why we need families!

Let me be clear, the word "model" is used very loosely here. We just need normal families, but families willing to show up and be the clients we need. No modeling experience required. We will be hosting a teaching workshop at Bravely Studio & Lake Bryan this Spring, and we need families to allow their photography session to be done as I lead other photographers.

Families will get 15 digital images from Shelbi Lauren Photography in return for cooperating.


Families may also get photos from other photographers involved, if photographers are willing. 

This is exactly WHO we need

We need one family with 2+ young children (a mix, ages 0-10ish).

This family is for a lake shoot- we need a family that can bring a helper to watch their kids for part of the shoot so we can do couples only photos. 

We need one mother for a maternity session in Bravely Studio, clearly showing by April 27th 2024. First baby (or just mother by herself, if you already have other children-- we just need mom!). 

All models MUST be willing to wear exactly what they are told to wear. Tops and dresses will be provided from client closet- bottoms for boys and all shoes will need to be provided by client (there will be leniency with shoe choices--neutral nice shoes).

And these things are VERY important

We need families with kids that will cooperate. Kids obviously won't be 100% all-in and act like models, so that's not what we expect. Kids will always be kids, and toddlers/babies will act like toddlers and babies.. and that's great! But if your kids are extremely camera shy and known to get very anxious or uncooperative/upset during photos, this isn't something they would want to be part of.

We need families that are playful and very easy going. We need families willing to let kids be kids and play and be silly for smiles and laughs. We need parents that are both pretty comfortable in front of the camera, and comfortable with lifestyle photography.


We need dads that are also all-in on the opportunity- not grumpy and resistant. They may not love family photos, but they're happy to show up and get some great photos with their wife and/or kids!

These are model calls for very specific reasons, so unfortunately we can't fulfill any special requests during these shoots (ex: We want to do it but can we also fit in my other kids for a few photos at the maternity session).


Let's Get Started

Thanks for submitting!

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