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Family Sessions Made Easy: Family Photography Prompts Proven to Give Your Clients Beautiful Photos

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

If you're a new photographer that feels unsure of yourself going into family sessions, I can help. Even if you've been a photographer for a while, but you feel like you need fresh ideas to bring to your family sessions, you should check this out!

I've put together over ten pages worth of valuable content that maps out how to easily run an amazing family photography session from beginning to end.

I have done hundreds of family photography sessions over the past four years. I spent too much time in the beginning years worried going into my photoshoots.

I would get nervous before photoshoots and second guess my abilities. I would waste time googling poses beforehand, only to freeze and forget what to say during sessions. I couldn't think of what to tell clients to do. I couldn't relax and go with the flow, so how were my clients supposed to?

After years of hard work, I fell into a rhythm that made my family sessions feel easy. It took years of trial and error and testing different session flows and prompting ideas. So now I have created this Family Sessions Made Easy guide so that you won't have to go through all of that.

Family Photo Prompts Pose Ideas
Family Photo Prompts Pose Ideas

Today, I can confidently go into family sessions and know exactly what photos we need to get during our short time together. And I know exactly how to get the variety of photographs that I need for my client's gallery. I know the things to say and advice to offer clients to help them feel comfortable, and then walk away knowing we got photos full of fun, love, and connection!

I want this for you, too! So I made this guide to make you feel prepared and comfortable walking into your session next week. I made this guide so you can easily give your clients the variety in their gallery that they were hoping for when they booked with you. You can do this!

Family Photo Prompts Pose Ideas
Family Photo Prompts Pose Ideas

Right now, I'm offering years worth knowledge all in one 10+ page guide! I plan to save this information just for my mentorships in the future, so you should totally check it out while I have it open for everyone for a limited time :) I would love for it to help you with your next family session!

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