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Learn Photography and Shooting in Manual: A beginner's guide to using that fancy camera!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

See the photo of me and my kids at the beach below? I told my husband exactly how to take that. I handed him the camera, told him what I knew & what he could easily do himself, and he took that for us (with zero photography experience). We got professional photos done the day before- because we wanted my husband in some of the photos too obviously (lol)! BUT it didn't take booking a professional photographer the next evening to get some gorgeous photos.

photographer course shooting in manual
photographer course shooting in manual

So I've put together a comprehensive digital course with all the details on how YOU can get started taking beautiful photos. I'm sharing all of the details that got me from a beginner just a few years ago to where I am now.

Do you want to learn photography and shooting in manual? If this course interests you, or if you know you want to learn more about using your camera to it's full potential, download my digital class now!

My digital course starts teaches exactly how to master using your camera in manual. Learning to shoot in manual is crucial for gorgeous photography. That is where the magic is!

Not ready for a full course on manual? I still can help! Get my Learning Light FREEBIE- it's essential knowledge for any photographer that wants to create amazing work!

The best part? You won't have to go through years of being self-taught and trial and error, time and time again. If you just do this course AND go through my freebie (or better yet, get the full version), you will learn loads of helpful information FAST.

My course wraps up some super helpful essentials to photography-- in just THIRTY minutes of time. And you can do it entirely at your own pace (think, ten minutes during your babies nap times over the course of a week). It's that simple! But still years worth of knowledge.

I tell you exactly how to take that DSLR camera you have sitting around and start putting it to work to document your life.

beginner's online course for shooting in manual
learn photography and shooting in manual

We all want beautiful images to keep are memories right in reach. This course will make YOU able to do that for yourself and your own family.

Better yet-- ever thought you would love to make money taking photos for other people? A portrait photographer has to understand how to shoot in manual.

Photography can be a dream job, guys. And I'm here to show you the first steps in how to make that dream come true.

So stayed tuned. I want to talk to you about shooting in manual, then I want to share tons of tips for editing your photos, and then- for those who are interested in photography of their family but ALSO maybe a little be more- we can talk about putting what you know to use to build a business you will LOVE!


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